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    Demo Diva Founder Simone Bruni Demolishes New Orleans with Purpose

    Simone Bruni Demo Diva Founder

    In a heavy equipment world full of yellows, browns, dirt, and grime, Demo Diva’s vibrant pink branding stands out. Get to know this New Orleans-based company and its founder, Simone Bruni, and the differences are even more noticeable.

    Demo Diva was founded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath. At the time, Bruni knew nothing about demolition or equipment. But with perseverance and a genuine desire to help restore New Orleans, she has earned notoriety and respect.

    Though her industry is characterized by rugged no-nonsense, Bruni doesn’t hide her unique spirit of care and infusing a human touch into a messy business.

    TuffWerx is grateful to Simone Bruni for taking the time to chat with us. In this interview, she shares the secrets of Demo Diva’s success, her recent exposure to the tsunami recovery efforts in Japan, and her vision for the future.

    Historic Dismantling is a Beautiful Goodbye

    Some good byes are for a day and others are for a season.  Some good byes are forever. Saying good bye is actually a blessing.  It’s a pause in time that we honor a person or place.

    Demo Diva Still Dreams Big

    Louisiana Women Leaders Conference on Small Business Entrepreneurship was held in Baton Rouge with women attending the conference from different areas around the state of Louisiana.

    Demo Diva Fights Blight with the City of New Orleans

    Hats off to Mayor Mitch Landrieu for putting blighted housing in New Orleans at the very top of his agenda one year ago.

    The Mayor recognized that blighted housing is the criminal incubator and an economic “downer” for every neighborhood.

    Demolition is the First Step to a New Beginning

    2012!  A new year.  A new beginning.  I find so much beauty in work of demolition.  It’s like kissing the earth and reaching for the sky.

    The act of pulling down abandoned, neglected homes or buildings with its dark, ominous windows staring back at me is like telling that urban omen –Begone!

    Demo Diva Interview with SitePrep Magazine

    New Orleans owner thinks outside the box with business built from the wreckage of Katrina.

    Download the Article