Demolition is the First Step to a New Beginning

2012!  A new year.  A new beginning.  I find so much beauty in work of demolition.  It’s like kissing the earth and reaching for the sky.

The act of pulling down abandoned, neglected homes or buildings with its dark, ominous windows staring back at me is like telling that urban omen –Begone!

New Orleans demolition companies are bringing life, progress, restoration, revitalization, and new development.


When an old, abandoned building comes down, I just want to shout, “Let there be light!”  You can see the emotion of excitement and joy on the faces of the owners, neighbors, city officials, etc.  That’s is because demolition means that someone is pushing for progress and attention in that community.  There are no more dark shadows looming.  There aren’t any dark corners to house criminals.  Demolition paves the way for a new beginning.


We start 2012 kissing the earth and reaching for the sky in Jefferson Parish on Veterans Blvd. The old Benningan’s has been torn down and it a new Buffalo Wild Wings will be built.  Demo Diva is happy to be part of the progress.

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