Simone Bruni

Simone Bruni of Demo Diva did what many Louisiana natives did post Katrina, she reinvented herself.  Following her natural instincts and skills derived from a long career in hospitality and tourism, Simone Bruni turned helping  her neighbors into a full-fledged business success.

Simone lost her home in the Katrina floods.  She was laid off and with no construction experience, she took on the daunting task of rebuilding her home.  She discovered a niche. Demolition was the first step to coming home.  Simone targeted women customers with her company name and branding.  However, it was not only women who needed her help but an entire devastated community.

The Demo Diva Demolition is blazing a trail in a male dominated industry and reinvented the recipe for construction marketing, PR, social media and customer service that creates strong brand identity and raving “fans” instead of customers.  Starting with an opportunity and a single hot pink dumpster on the campus of Xavier University (conveniently placed in full view of I-10 traffic!), The Demo Diva has become not just an inspirational business success story, but a local business icon


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